Concordia Lutheran Church Maplewood

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Current building at 7291 Sarah

From the Historic Walking Tour of Maplewood:

Concordia Lutheran Church was founded in 1892 at 7255 Southwest Avenue. A brick church was erected on the present site in 1914 but was replaced in 1953 by the present building. The architects, Froese, Maack and Becker, specialized in Lutheran churches and institutions, usually rooted in North German architecture. Here their design, probably influenced by junior partner Rex Becker, is unusually bold – note the pattern parabolic arches. The symbols around the door represent the twelve apostles, many referring to stories of their martyrdoms.

Whoever said you wouldn’t need that high school math? Look at those bold parabolas!

Pastor Nava installed on June 9th, 2019

Jaime Nava Installation photo with area pastorsJaime and Cake!